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Best Headphones For Toddlers on Plane

Choosing the best headphones for toddlers is an important decision since the use of the wrong pair could cause serious damage to the child’s ear, for this reason, the industry works every day to design pieces that are safe and suitable for use by children, even up to two years old.

Technology caught us and even our children, so much so, that now for fun they choose devices such as tablets, phones, iPods, or mp4 and these in turn complement well with headphones that provide quality sound that improve the experience while playing games, listening to music or watching a movie, becoming an essential part of the equipment that every tech kid wants to have.

The best headphones for toddlers may not be equal to the hearing aids for adults, because the user would be risking hearing of the lowest long term; that is why equipment with volume control is recommended to make you enjoy good audio but safely.

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Best Headphones For Toddlers

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What are the best headphones for Toddlers?

If you have a child and you want to buy him a device that he will enjoy, but at the same time is safe and complies with the characteristics mentioned above, here we present a selection of six models of cheap and good quality hearing aids that make them the most outstanding From the market.

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Here are the best headphones for toddlers:

Headphones for Toddlers Nenos

For children from 2 years to 7 years

They are super safe as they have a limitable volume control to protect the little one’s ears.

The pair is light and as it is foldable it will be easy to carry it in your backpack. The size is ideal, however, you can adjust it for more firmness.

Comfort is another of its advantages because it is covered in foam rubber and leather both inside the headband and in the earmuffs to improve the coating and generate a realistic sound for movies and music.

It is the most recent launch of the brand and they have a quality that makes it resistant to the use that your child can give it, they are also available in four striking colors perfect for boys or girls.

Moko 7.65857E + 11 Children’s Headphones

The headphones have an additional 3.5mm input to share the sound with another child, always maintaining the quality and volume of the audio, without the need for additional splitter devices.

You can also connect it to any device, be it a tablet, iPod, mp4, game device, and more. Its cable is made of quality material and is also woven to give it more strength, and thanks to its 1.5m long the child will have freedom of movement.

It is the key entertainment complement for your little one and they have an efficiency comparable to more robust and expensive hearing aids, however, these are the least expensive among our suggestions.

Planet Buddies volume limiter children’s headphones

They are made of high-strength materials, suitable for use by children. So they are one of the safest headphones you can find. Added to that, this is another model with the possibility of limiting the maximum volume to avoid hearing damage.

These pieces come with endangered animal stickers to educate your kids on environmental issues and different species.

The hearing aids grow with your child and fit easily. They are also padded, comfortable, and have a volume control on the cable.

They are also available in eight designs. And they’re all well built, look rugged, isolate sound, and are great value for money.

Sound Intone I68 Headphones for children

In terms of both design and level of fit, these adult headphones are also perfect for little ones and equally safe for both.

Regardless of the volume level, it provides quality sound, which will make your user enjoy music, movie, or video game without audio distortion, it also incorporates the microphone to answer calls.

The cable is long and comfortable and being slightly thicker than the average it frees you from tangles that could damage it.

These headphones are the most recommended for music lovers for their surround sound that picks up even the lowest notes.

They have a guarantee in case you are not satisfied, they are also cheap compared to others with similar characteristics.

Sony MDR-ZX110 closed headphones

Sony is known for offering quality video and audio products and these headphones are part of that list of outstanding products.

The headphones feature anti-noise technology and advanced neodymium driver units that deliver precise and powerful sound that, combined with ear pads that cover the ears to seal in resonance, isolate outside noise for maximum audio enjoyment.

They are available in white, black, or pink, with a basic but comfortable model, a 1.1m cable, and a 3.5mm input to use in almost any device. You can also use it as a phone headset and quickly swap it out to listen to your music.

It is one of the best sellers on the market, it has a good opinion among users, they are inexpensive and will meet your expectations.

Are there child-safe headphones?

yes. if there are child-safe headphones since the factories have designed devices that limit the audio emission up to 85dB; However, considering this, experts recommend not exceeding two hours a day for both children and adults, so that even with maximum volume limits they could cause hearing problems.

The volume limiter: it is an important advantage to look for in children’s headphones, but as we mentioned before, to make it even safer it is necessary to monitor the time of use.

Features to consider to choose the most convenient:

We have already talked about one of the most important factors to take into account: security, however, to make a correct choice it is good to consider the following characteristics:

Audio quality:

It is an important characteristic, just as we adults have demands on the quality of the audio, the children also, apart from that they will better enjoy that surround sound that good quality devices offer.

Design and adaptability:

Headphones in-ear are the smallest, as well as wireless or Bluetooth headsets are also the most practical for many, however, are not suitable for children, since the tiny and delicate being, could not bear the treatment he can give a small one, on the other hand, they are difficult to put on or take off and do not fit easily to your child’s ear.

The most recommended for them are the earmuffs, because they adapt to the size of the head, because they are robust, and as most are lined with foam and semi-leather, they are the ones that offer more comfort.


When a device is designed to be used by children, it needs to be made of resistant materials, capable of withstanding any bumps, trips, scratches, and pulls that cables, connectors, lugs, or headbands are frequently subjected to.

Control your child’s headphone volume with a sound limiter

Today’s little ones handle mobile devices very easily, you will be surprised to see how they can search for their favorite video on the internet, even two-year-olds already know how to use mobile devices without the help of their parents. a-girl-listening-music-with-headphones
Following the parental control lines, it is possible to filter the content to which the little ones are exposed, but what happens with the volume control, many parents are unaware of all the damage that high volume can cause to their children’s ears.

Why is it important to control the volume?

When hearing talk about hearing loss, it is generally believed to be related to extremely loud noises, such as heavy machinery, gunshot, or even a bomb, however the reality is that there are other noises that can affect hearing silently.

Something as simple as listening to loud music, attending concerts with great sound systems, or mowing the lawn without adequate protection are among the activities that contribute to slow hearing loss.

It is important to protect and educate the little ones of the danger that is run when using the headphones with the volume to the maximum, in this way it avoids damages in the future. However, this task is not as easy as it seems, when there are several children at home at some point one of them wants to watch their program while the other is making a lot of noise, the perfect solution is to turn up the volume to the maximum and thus not listen to his brother.

The little ones believe that when they turn up the volume on their headphones they can avoid external noises, thanks to which a kind of auditory bubble is created and it really is, what they do not know is that this causes serious damage to their ears.

A new European Union regulation limits the output level of portable devices to 85 decibels (dB). This figure is the exact limit between a healthy use of headphones and the possibility of damaging the ears, however, many children are using older devices with an upper threshold of 100+ dB, which means that they are in danger.

Another problem that arises is that not all parents buy their devices within the European Union, e-commerce is becoming more popular and in certain cases, it is cheaper, which makes relying on regulation, not a solution.

The best solution to protect your little one’s ears is to provide them with headphones that limit the volume, so you can be calm, even when you are not watching.

How do the volume limiters work?

Volume limiting devices are resistors built into the hearing aid, sometimes it can be found in the phono connector, on the cable, or even inside the headphones, it all depends on the model and design.

The resistor is an electrical component that creates resistance in the circuit where it is located, thus helping to reduce the flow of current from the main device to the headphones, consequently, the volume will be reduced.

Commercial solutions are not very popular and reduce volume by 20 to 30 percent, many people lean towards homemade models, they are not very difficult to build and can be a great hobby.

The volume limiters come in two forms: the complete headphones and the additional adapters. For the adapters to work they must be inserted between the headphones and the source device, it is a kind of extension.

Where can I find limited-volume headphones and adapters?

There are a large number of models and brands that are sold in specialized stores is sound, or in online stores. If you are already determined to acquire this type of limiters, now you must evaluate which one is the best for your child.

The headphones that block external sound more efficiently are closed monitor headphones or in-ear headphones, this way your little one will not be forced to want to increase the level of the music, choose a good headphone without exceeding your budget.

Headband headphones

This type of headphones are perfect for the little ones because thanks to its closed design and most of the models are adjustable, they fit on the child’s ear, adapting perfectly to the wide variety of heads, in addition to being foldable it can be used for a long time.

You can get headband headphones with volume limitation, there are a wide variety of colors, they are quite comfortable and resistant for children of different ages.

Among the innovations that some models of headband headphones bring to the market or as some prefer to call them in the shape of headphones is the «SharePort», this is a hole where you can connect another headset to share what you are listening to.

In-ear headphones

As children grow they prefer to wear less flashy headphones, there is a wide variety of in-ear headphones with sound limiters to choose from, some even connect via Bluetooth. This type of headphones has a kind of earplug that dampens the sound, thus allowing its quality to be very good.

Some models can filter out around 30-40 dB of background noise. Thanks to its design, it blocks outside noise so that it is not necessary to increase the volume.

Headphone adapters

The most universal of solutions are adapters. If your child’s headphones are of very good quality but do not include the sound limiter, then you can use the volume limiting headphone adapter.

The adapter is a fairly short extension that will be placed between the headphone connection and the source device, you can immediately enjoy the limiter without having to configure anything.

The best thing about this option is that some cables can be had for 5 euros, which makes them a fairly inexpensive option.

The downside of adapters is that little ones may not want to use them, so it’s important to explain to your child the consequences of hearing high-frequency sounds.

How are children’s headphones different from the rest?

You may not have realized it yet, but everything your child has been designed specifically for his age. Their toys and objects are smaller and have a lot of colors.

The most obvious difference is the size

Children need their headphones to be small and adjustable so that when they are placed on their heads or on their ears they do not fall off. Although a sound limiter is being added, the child’s experience should not be negative, on the contrary, the child should enjoy the sound in a safe and pleasant way.

Headphones for children need to have a volume limiter.

What you need to understand is that really listening to loud music for too long can silently damage anyone’s hearing, it could be several years before you realize that your child has hearing difficulties.

Experts have indicated that a child should not be exposed to decibels of 85dB for more than one hour, when this figure increases, it increases, allowing an adult to enjoy a sound at 85 dB for 8 hours a day. The problem arises when little ones are given any type of headphones, some even exceed 85dB.

Most children’s headphones should have a volume limiter installed, it is important that you check if the headphone your child uses has the limiter, it is a way to take care of them and protect them.

Children’s headphones need to be ‘sturdy’.

Children are capable of disassembling, breaking, biting, and in a single word destroy thousands of objects with great ease. That is why it is necessary to give them a headset that is designed for them.

It is important to see it as an investment, headphones for children are resistant that prevents you from having to buy many headphones in a short period of time. Best of all, there is a wide variety of prices, you just have to look for the one that best suits your budget.

Attractive colors and designs.

The children of the house always deserve the best, that is why you should choose an appropriate design for their size, there are even some in the shape of their favorite character.

You will get many designs and colors designed for the little ones. Take the time to choose the best one

Types of wireless headphones

Now is the time to talk about the wireless headphones that have been very popular in recent years.

RF Headphones

These headphones have an improved sound quality and allow you to enjoy the sound without major interruptions, their technology uses predisposed simple channels.

Bluetooth wireless headphones

Currently, this type of headphones is very popular, although the sound quality is a little lower than RF headphones, many users prefer them because their price is cheaper.

One of the disadvantages that they present is that their connection can be affected if some Bluetooth devices are found nearby.

Multi-channel headphones

This type of headphones allows the user to choose, change or modify what he is listening to without any type of interference.

Headphones and Toddlers: What is safe?

All children’s teams use headphones, today’s children cannot be far from technology, they only have to find the safest way to generate a positive relationship between their activities and their health.

Hearing loss

A study published in the United States has indicated that one in five adolescents has some degree of hearing loss. The results were not able to indicate whether the causes have to do with the inappropriate use of volume, however, the report cited a previous study carried out in Australia that explained that 70 percent of children are at risk of losing their hearing to causing of high volume on your devices.

Hearing loss can start at an early age. Researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital have determined that the appropriate volume for children cannot exceed 60 dB and the maximum duration should be one hour.

How to keep children’s ears safe

There are those who say it is better to be safe than sorry, following these words you can take some tips to protect the ears of the little ones.

The first thing to do is look for the best headphones for toddlers with a sound limiter that can be used comfortably by the child, check that it fits perfectly over the ears, test for yourself the maximum volume that it can reproduce. The best headphones for little ones are those in the shape of earphones.

If the device your child uses has some way of adjusting the volume feel free to use it, always check that the final sound is optimal and pleasant.

Do not allow your little ones to spend more than an hour with the headphones, this is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks, but it is necessary to establish rules, as prolonged use of the headphones can also cause damage.

Talk to your children about the consequences of listening to music at a very high volume and for long periods of time, believe it or not, if you talk to your little ones and explain how hearing loss originates they will understand. This is perhaps one of the most important lessons you will need to teach them.

Common Faqs About the best headphones for toddlers:

Can a 2-year-old use headphones?

Yes safe. But get the best on which provide proper protection.

Are Bluetooth headphones good for kids?

Yes, Bluetooth headphones are good for kids, if you can afford them.

Can babies wear noise Cancelling headphones?

Baby headphones are the best for babies.

Are wireless headphones safe for toddlers?

The answer is “YES”. Bluetooth frequencies are not harmful to toddlers.

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